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Word of God; Word of  Humans.

Many people have developed the false notion today that the Bible is a book, but this is far from the truth. The Bible is rather a collection of books, seventy three to be exact. St Jerome a great biblical scholar would define the Bible as "a divine library." The we can say is the Book of books that was inspire by God and written by Humans. This book (s) have played an important part of shaping modern society as we know it today. This is because many see the Bible as the word of God. That is why many read the Bible to listen to the word of God and know his will for us.

These seventy three book were written in a time spanning about 1200 years. The time beginning in 1100BC to about 100AD and during this time the landscape of the Bible if flowered with many literary forms such as wisdom sayings, parables, letters, sermons, laws, sermons, history, etc.

How can we Interpret the Bible?

Yes, it is possibly to interpret the Bible but not as most people think of interpreting it. Many people think that as is the Bible is self-explanatory. However this is far from the true. This is because there are several obscurities, inconsistencies, and apparent contradictions, and own due to the fact that it was written in ancient languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek some 3,000 to 1,900 years ago. Stemming from this situation many Scholars during the years have equipped them self with tools that can allow them to interpret the Bible. God used the ordinary to make God's extra-ordinary known to us. In other words God used the history, the language, the culture and social life-style of the people of Israel. This is where the method of interpreting begin. If we can pull back the vail of the ancient of the Jewish culture. This is because the writers of the Bible lived in that environment and out of that context they wrote. So in order to understand what God is saying to us we must the world the Biblical writers lived in.

Why Call the Bible "Bible"?

The word "Bible" gets its origins in the Greek word "biblia" which means in english "books". As time evolved the word "Books" became known as "the Book." This may be so because we placed all the seventy three books into one book as we see it today.

The "Origins"of the Bible.
The has its origins  three languages these are as follows: Hebrew and Aramaic for the First Testament (Old Testament) and Greek for the Second Testament. This means that the Bible was just a number of lose books around the Jewish religious landscape. The also means that the Bible was not divide it to clear chapters and verses as we know is today. These divisions in terms chapters  were added only in the thirteenth century and chapters into verses in the Sixteenth 
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