We preach for the salvatiom of souls.
The Dominican Family of Trinidad and Tobago

Dominican Family

"The Dominican Family then, consists of friars, nuns, sisters of apostolic life, members of secular institutes, priestly fraternities and laity who belong to fraternities or new groups accepted by the Order. [...] Thus, as if arising from a tree planted beside living fountains, the branches of the Dominican Family are numerous. Each one has its own character, its special status, its autonomy. However, since all participate in the charism of Saint Dominic, they share the very same vocation to be preachers in the Church."

~ Acts of the General Chapter of Friars (Mexico, 1992)

The Dominican Family's common purpose is to communicate the love of God to all people, as preachers of the Catholic Church. Each branch of preachers, whether nuns, sisters, laity, youth, or friars, determines how is shall preach the Good News of Christ in their time and place. So, all Dominican preachers are in mission together. Each of us joins the branch of the Dominican Family as one feels called.

In this Dominican Family, there are also many ways of being a lay Dominican. Our way is to be members of Lay Dominican Fraternities who share a common, international Rule of Life (revised in Montreal, Canada 1985).
In Trinidad and Tobago we have all the members of the Dominican Family on the island.
The National Flag of T&T

To preach, to bless and to praise.