We preach for the salvatiom of souls.
The Dominican Family of Trinidad and Tobago

What is needed to Join?:

In order to become a Dominican the following things are required:

Candidates should be a single male. 

Must be open to an intense  liturgical and structured prayer life. 

 Must be to able to live well in community with others in a mature way.

Should have at lest one year working experience.

Must be open to studying  abroad. (This is because our entire formation programme is done at the home province in Ireland.)  

Should have a university degree. (Although those who have five ordinary passes would be accepted.)

Not in any serious financial debts. 

Should have a mature christian life that is at service to church and society. 

Should have the desire to witness to the truth Jesus Christ and the richness of the teachings of the Catholic  Church for the salvation of souls in our various apostolates.  

Should have no impediments (canonical or otherwise) and no liability for prosecution before any civil or criminal courts.  

Must be in good  health both physically and psychologically.

The Formation Process

In oder that we may be perfected in the love of God and neighbor through this following of Christ, we are incorporated into our Order by profession and consecrated totally to God, and in particular we are dedicated in a new way to the universal Church, being appointed entirely for the complete evangelization of the Word of God.

Candidates who are to become Dominicans the following process is done:

This is stage in which an individual have a first contact experience with the order. At this stage the aspirant meets with the Vocation director. After meeting  informally with the Vocation Director the aspirant is invited to visit the Holy Cross Priory, Calvary Hill, Arima for regular meetings.  At these meetings the aspirant meets with other aspirants as they join in prayer and other such activities. The length of this stage usually last for a  year.

2.  THE POSTULANCY:  This a period of the formation in which we (Dominican) to know some more about the candidates. The candidate is ask to spend one or two weekends within one of our communities.  At this point the candidate is ask to apply to the Order. This period goes for a year ends in the month of  July.  

3. THE NOVITIATE: The duration of the period is one year. This allows the candidate to come to know more deeply their divine and, indeed, Dominican vocation. The candidate at this stage experiences the fullness of the Order's way of life and he is gradually formed in the Dominican spirit in mind and heart. The candidate manifest his intention and suitability to the brethren. Our novitiate takes place in the home province in Ireland.

4. THE STUDIUM:  After the novitiate the candidte is expect to make profession. This formation time allows the candidate to develop his academic, ministerial and spiritual skills. Moving form the novitiate the candidate makes profession. By profession the candidate dedicates himself to God, following Christ to lead  an evangelical life in the Order so that his baptismal consecration achieves its effect more fully. There are two types of profession. These are frist, simple or temporary which comes after the novitiate and the  other solem or perpetual profession. Simple profession last for three years and solem is for life. As a clerical student, after solem profession the brother goes into minor orders then to diaconate and he finishes with the priesthood.

 From More Information Contact:

Regional Vicariate Council
C/o Regional Prior

St. Finbar's, 
Morne Coco Road,
Four Roads, 
Diego Martin.
Tel: (1-868) - 632 8119.


To preach, to bless and to praise.