We preach for the salvatiom of souls.
The Dominican Family of Trinidad and Tobago

Dominican School of Faith

Do you have questions about your Catholic faith? If you do, you are invited to join us at the Dominican School of Faith.  Our location is at the St. Dominic's Pastoral Centre, Four Roads, Diego Martin. These sessions would be held on Wednesdays,at 6:30 p.m. For more information please contact Fr. Karol Wielgosz O.P. at 773-7403 or e-mail kerolek@dominikaniepl or Karen at 680-6796. 

Stephen Jones professed vows today.

Today (15/09/2010 )Bro Stephen Jones OP received simple profession. This took place in the Dominican Community at St. Mary's Cork in Ireland. Stephen our prayers are with you. Thanks be to God.

We are on chapter

Today (10/01/2011) we the Dominicans of the Irish-vicariate of Trinidad and Tobago began our chapter. This is etymology of the word chapter: Middle English chapiter < Old French chapitre < Latin capitulum (“a chapter of a book, in Medieval Latin also a synod or council”), diminutive of caput (“a head”); see chapiter and capital, which are doublets of chapter. Base on this etymology from a Dominican point of view a chapter is a synod or council. A synod is an ecclesiastic council or meeting to consult on church matters

To preach, to bless and to praise.